Ene Future ™ is a negative ion that reforms refrigerant lubricant to improve heat exchange efficiency and greatly reduces power consumption.


To completely satisfy the clients who use our products and services. To bring out the products and services that are easy to use for our clients. To continue contributing to the Earth’s environment. These are the goals of our company.

The engineering of energy saving technology demands scientific testing and data collection. Such data must be precise. We believe that, in interpreting numbers, in finding the best answer, and in materializing the numerical answer into a practical energy saving technology, a righteous mind is necessary, and it is indeed the righteous mind that guides the way to the right solution.

Our commitment to our clients does not end upon the purchase of our goods. We continue the care we provide to our clients by working towards an increase in their energy saving when using our products. This is, of course, to aim for our clients’ economic benefit derived directly from the energy-saving.

By committing to our clients’ utmost satisfaction, it is our goal to continue advancing towards the betterment of our environment.