Ene Future ™ is a negative ion that reforms refrigerant lubricant to improve heat exchange efficiency and greatly reduces power consumption.


Our long-standing experience (35 years) in the management and maintenance of commercial buildings has allowed us, for the past 25 years, to take up energy and cost saving building maintenance initiatives long before the advent of the ecological movement among business enterprises. Our energy and cost saving building maintenance involves electric energy including electric power, lighting, air conditioning, air quality control systems, cold water systems, and metal surface processing and treatment, to list a few.

In the recent years, and within a short span of time, Japanese corporations have been producing a series of new energy-saving technologies. This is a feature of Japanese innovation characterized in the world economy.

In this context, we have developed a new energy-saving product that is based on a completely new type of energy-saving technology — Enefuture.

With Enefuture, our new technological innovation, you can conserve 10- 40% of electric energy traditionally used in air conditioning control systems, refrigeration, freezing systems, and so on.

This new technology has recently been introduced to the market and has been receiving much praise and admiration.

Enefuture- a revolutionarily new product with much more potential.

Requiring no construction, nor assembly work- with one simple and easy application you are done. You save 10- 40% of normal energy requirements-guaranteed. That is Enefuture.

Eco Station Co. Ltd.